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SPCmmnty Member Jodie Layne

Spareparts Community Member Profile: Jodie LAYNE

A Winnipeg Girl Doin' Good.

You may be following the Spareparts Community Profiles, where we highlight our #SPCmmnty Members across Western Canada who are doing great things in their cities and beyond. Well, today, I’m proud to shine the spotlight on one of our very own Rooster bloggers who is also a Community Health Educator, TedX Speaker, producer of the Rainbow Trout Music Festival, writer for Hollaback! Winnipeg, and has become a friend I’ve somehow yet to meet face to face. She is Winnipeg’s own Jodie Layne and I hope you’ll take a moment to read more about her because she deserves a bit of applause here!


5 Things to do In Winnipeg This Weekend

It’s….chilly. Okay, it’s freezing outside – however, there are going to be hundreds of people camping in a big field in Clearwater for the Harvest Moon Festival this weekend. Yeah, you could be sleeping outside in this weather. So get a good sleep in your own warm bed and save up your energy for all the great stuff happening right here in Winnipeg this weekend:


Big Skies, Big Hearts: Prairie Yogis Gather in Winnipeg

Maybe you’ve heard of yoga festivals like Wanderlust before or maybe you’re more like ‘Huh? What’s a yoga festival?’ Whether you were eager to attend a fest or were completely clueless to the concept, if you love yoga you wanted to be at Fort Whyte Alive last weekend for the prairies’ first Yoga Festival.


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Weekend

Just because Labour Day has passed and some people are saying things like ‘summer’s over’ and ‘it’s fall now’, it doesn’t mean that we have to act like it! There’s so much to do and see in the city this weekend, so let’s party like it’s June with these fine events:


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Long Weekend

So, maybe you wore out your welcome at your best friend’s cabin or forgot to get your passport renewed and you’re left behind while your friends go on a little cross-border adventure. Perhaps you just like the little bit of extra breathing room in the city on the long weekend while everyone else is away. It doesn’t matter: you’re in the city and everyone says that there’s never anything to do on the long weekend. False, friends – here’s all the proof to the contrary in the form of 5 things to do:

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Staying In with The Rooster: An Indoor Picnic With JUST EAT

Welcome to the first instalment of a new little feature here on The Rooster: Staying In. We fully endorse and encourage you to get out there in your communities and cities and explore all they have to offer: music, art, food, sports, and all the great secret spots that are hiding and just waiting to be discovered. However, we do know that sometimes you just need a break – sometimes you just need to stay home. Whether you’re an introvert or you’re just tired from trying to squeeze the most out of summer, it’s okay to turn down those Facebook invites and get into your cozy sweats for a night in. The old ‘Netflix and Snacks’ routine is a classic for a reason; but just because you’re staying in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.


Winnipeg Is Going To Be Super Rad This Week: 5 things to do

I know you’re used to seeing my roundup of events make its debut on Friday afternoons; but Winnipeg is packed with so much extra goodness this week, I figured you should know about it. You’re welcome. No need to wait for the long weekend: shake off those rainy weekend blues, get on your bike, and remind yourself it’s still summer. You’re welcome.

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5 Things to Do in Manitoba This Weekend

It’s supposed to be one gloomy weekend in Winnipeg – rain is forecast straight through until Monday. It isn’t ideal at all for one of the official last weekends of summer. It’s okay, though! You can brave the outdoors if you’re armed with a good rain jacket, rubber boots, and sense of adventure/humour. Or you can revel in the excuse to stay inside and take a break from cramming in as many activities as you can before the weather gets too chilly. Either way, we’ve got something for you this week in our activity roundup.


Friendship is not The F-Word

Romantic comedy almost gets it totally right

“Nobody wants to be friends with the girl with a boyfriend.” Except The F-Word‘s main dude, Wallace(Daniel Radcliffe). Feeling sorry for himself and living with his sister after dropping out of medical school, Wallace is being mopey and creating anti-love magnetic poetry about town. See, he dropped out of medical school because his girlfriend made out with another guy – which made him flash back to his own surgeon parents’ infidelities. Dude, I get it – no one wants to realize they’re walking their parents’ path. Basically, he becomes a med-school dropout in the middle of a quarter life crisis. Then he meets Chantry(the ineffable Zoe Kazan).