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It’s going to be a funny spring in Winnipeg


Winnipeg’s comedy aficionados are going to have their schedules full and bellies aching with the stream of comedians scheduled to roll through Winnipeg this spring. Although we’re lucky to have a pretty solid local comedy scene with heaps of open mic nights, it’s nice to get to see some fresh faces. Continue reading

Ain’t it Grand?

The airport hotel often has a less-than-splendid reputation – and usually, it’s warranted. If you have a long layover, quick business meeting, early morning flight, or are unlucky; you usually end up stuck in a soulless, no-frills chain hotel with a free continental breakfast. It would certainly be the last place you’d pick for a getaway from your everyday life and a chance to relax, indulge, and ‘lay like vegetables’(to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel is exactly that, though.
Owned by Lakeview Hotels, The Grand is perhaps the opposite of what you would think of when you imagine an airport hotel. Offering luxury and amenities rivaling that of any of Winnipeg’s other hotels and even besting them in innovation in some cases – making The Grand a choice stay whether you’re departing from Winnipeg for awhile or not. I dropped in for a little solo staycation and got to experience it firsthand. Continue reading

St. Vincent to play Winnipeg Jazz Fest


Your Friday just got better: Jazz Winnipeg announced that St. Vincent will be playing TD Jazz Fest this June. With a new album, one of the most anticipated of the year, and continuing her touring whirlwind; St. Vincent is sure to sweep Winnipeg off of its feet and get them dancing in the aisles of the Burton Cummings Theatre. Continue reading

Trout! Trout! Trout!: Rainbow Trout Music Festival announces 2014 lineup


It’s not hard to get excited about the approaching summer months, but Rainbow Trout Music Festival just made it that much more tantalizing(if I do say so myself). Named as one of Winnipeg’s top 3 festivals and run entirely by a volunteer group of pals on a small budget and huge love, Rainbow Trout is not only the little locals-only festival that could but one of summer’s best parties. Just an hour outside the city and bordered by the lovely Roseau River with a capped attendance, the festival lovely and intimate. Continue reading

Stuff you should do in Winnipeg this week: because fun doesn’t wait for the weekend


You want to know a little something I have a problem with? Lists of ‘cool stuff going on this weekend’. I’ve made them and they do serve a purpose; but, for the most part, you can just ask your friends what’s going on or at least count on the solid local venues to have a good party going. During the week, Winnipeg is still full of interesting and exciting things to do. It’s been said before, but if you’re bored you’re boring. Even though it’s a short week, there’s still more than plenty to pack your nights with. From the arts and more intellectual pursuits to the straight up ragers – if you’re just waiting for the weekend, you’re not picking up a lot of what this town is putting down. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Chew is the Best New Restaurant in Winnipeg


Nearly every publication out of the city of Winnipeg that writes about food has sang its praises and waxed poetic about its small, humble nature juxtaposed by its bold and ambitious flavours. It’s received official praise, being named one of Where Magazine’s Top 10 New Restaurants of 2013, but the praise that matters is of the unofficial sort: that sought-after word of mouth. Gourmandes city-wide have been speaking the fondest words in hushed tones – enough to alert others to the small eatery, but to keep the secret sort of to themselves and avoid a crush of admirers scooping up the limited seats. Their reputation is good and the ability of owners/chefs/husband and wife team Kyle Lew and Kristen Chemerika’s ability to constantly deliver is even better. I’m certainly in agreement that it’s the city’s best new restaurant. How do I love thee, Chew? Let me count the ways: Continue reading