Write For Us

Write For Us

We are always hungry to hear from new people and welcome any who have a story to tell. The Rooster is founded on the creativity, uniqueness, and passion for building a great community found in all those involved. If you would like to share an idea for an original post, pen one yourself, or apply to become a regular contributor don’t hesitate to email our editor-in-chief and grassroots marketing manager, Chad Reynolds. Hit him up at chadr@sparepartslife.com and let him know what you have in mind.


We are currently looking for:

Athletes in Kelowna and Winnipeg: Big into Wakeboarding? Training for an adventure race? If you are willing to share photos and have competent writing skills, we’d love to follow along with your progress.

Musicians in Calgary and Kelowna: If you are recording an album or hitting the road, we're keen to be updated throughout the process.

Foodies in Winnipeg: If you love nothing more than going out for food and drink, know what you’re talking about, and would like to share reviews of some of your favourite restaurants each month,  The Rooster wants you.

Contact: chadr@sparepartslife.com