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Sneak Peek: Electric Shades Stay Current for 2014

New Year, New Styles

  When I think of electricity I think of a spark, a feeling of adrenaline and excitement, an visceral energy. It’s the feeling you get when you hear music that’s fresh and you love it immediately, when you set out down a slope never having taken that run before, or when you jump in the car for a last-second road trip, especially if you’ve got no destination in mind other than outta here! That same enthusiasm for life and all of those big moments is shared by the Electric brand, who are always bringing us new and refreshed shades that call to join us on our adventures. There will be some new Electric frames on the Spareparts Premium Sunglass wall as of this week and I thought we could all use a sneek peak at the line-up. We don’t want our style to stay static, right?