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In Photos: SMASHKATOON 2014

What an event! Anyone who’s anyone was at Alberta Community Center on August 16th for SMASHKATOON, a Super Smash Brothers Tournament. Over 100 people from across the prairies packed the regularly-a-dance-studio space for some crazy 4 player mayhem. Local IT professional and solid bro Aaron Mravnik almost single-handedly arranged this event, so Kudos to him:

Ethos barber Cash with Farmfresh vintage watch

Meet Your Barber

The Farmfresh Barber watch ($215), one of the most handsome watches you’ve ever laid your eyes on, has been resonating with Spareparts customers and staff in a big way, and it occurred to me that some comparisons could be drawn between the timepiece and its namesake. So, I went to visit Cash, a local barber at Ethos in Saskatoon (or more accurately, my Spareparts officemate, graphic designer Ryan Beaudry went to visit the barber and I tagged along with my camera) for a barber vs Barber showdown. And I must say, they proved to be a perfect match. Let’s find out what they had in common whilst we watch our boy Ryan get spiffied up by Sir Cash, shall we? 


Third Verse #122

I took over the reigns for last week’s show and played an ALL CAN CON night, nothing in the books that wasn’t great Canadian rap, and this week, I’ll be hosting another all Can Con show!  Make sure you tune in and check the playlist, there were a LOT of gems, if I do say so myself!  Slow month comin up for rap shows, but I’m sure we’ll find some good good along the way!  Check us after the jump for some new singles for your ear holes!


Saskatoon Writers Ale Gathering Grows Swiftly and Sweetly!

There’s a movement afoot in the Saskatoon writing world! Over the past few months, various Saskatoon writers of all ages, shapes and sizes (and genres!) have been gathering on the evening of the first Wednesday of every month at the Cave Lounge on 8th Street. I feel it’s suitable we meet there of all places – there has always been something kind of Tolkien-like about The Cave – even as a tyke, I constantly felt that a hobbit or an elf would pop out from behind a cavern wall while I dined. The real magic of these gatherings has been the lack of pretense – it is definitely a leave-your-ego-at-the-door type of atmosphere with both established and emerging writers giddily mixing over cocktails and plates of appetizers. There is also a distinct no-holds-barred kind of vibe to the meetings too – we are there to talk about writing and to spew out as many thoughts and ideas possible in a non-judgmental atmosphere. The feeling of acceptance is distinct and adds atmosphere to the atmosphere – a guy actually feels he can puke out his most obscure creative ideas without fear of being shut-down (a different type of ambiance from other writing groups I’ve been involved in!). The group generally begins gathering around on the easy-chairs promptly at 7 pm and starts departing around 9. By 10, it’s all-but-over. If you are a bestselling author, or a newly-published writer, or someone who simply craves some like-mindedness (and good beer), there is something at a SWAG meeting for you!

Alissa Arnason Saskatoon

Alissa Arnason Live at The Hollows

Patio season is in full swing, and what could be better than eating delicious food and drinking cocktails in the sunshine? Listening to live music while you do it of course! On August 6th at 9:30pm our patio will be host to local folk artist, Alissa Arnason. Her debut album, “Stone & Feather”, will be released that day, following the release of the digital download on Friday, August 1st.


Sharknado Double Feature at The Roxy Theatre!

Global warming and environmental catastrophes took a leap into insanity just over a year ago, when the coastal city of Los Angeles was hit with…a sharknado.  Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a tornado, but with sharks in it.  Okay, in reality, it was a movie that you’ve must have heard of by now (or you’re living at the bottom of a shark-infested ocean).


‘Art & Copy’ Screening with Panel at Saskatoon Library

Just Do It.  I (Heart) New York.  Got Milk?  Think Different. These are slogans you’ll recognize; wording and images that have permeated our culture, sold a lot of product, changed how people think, and been endlessly parodied.  If you have any interest in writing, design, and advertising, you’ll want to park yourself at the Francis Morrison Library downtown on Wednesday (the 30th) at 7 PM for a special screening of the film Art & Copy.  It’s a great documentary from a few years back that looks at some of the most influential creatives of 20th and 21st century advertising.  Advertising can get a bad rap, but when done right, it’s the true intersection of art and commerce.


Kyle Riabko Returns Home for Two Shows This Friday!

Kyle Riabko may be living in Los Angeles when he isn’t on tour, in a studio, on a film set or working on major Broadway Productions in New York, but he never forgets his prairie roots in his hometown Saskatoon. He has also had many friends and family by his side watching his incredible career build, since he was a young teenager, that look forward to his upcoming shows at The Bassment this Friday.