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Graphic Designer Aaron Draplin Speaks (DDC + Field Notes)

As part of the Elevator Speaker Series, The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, Saskatchewan North Chapter, presents an evening with the indelible Aaron Draplin.



Using scientific proof and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. delivers a suckerpunch of a talk that aims to provide bona fide proof of work, the highs and lows of a ferociously independent existence and a couple of tall tales from his so-called career in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design.

Just a regular guy with a trajectory a little dirtier than yours, his talk is open to all comers brave enough to show up. If you are a youngster, you may find yourself inspired to attack your design future in a different way. If you are established, you may just leave feeling grateful you don’t have anything to do with him. Hard to say. Be there! Continue reading



The first day of Spring has come and gone but it still feels like we live in the Arctic!  Every year all everybody (especially myself) constantly complains about said weather but unless we all move away or get to vacation somewhere WARM, what are the other ways to shake these “winter blues”?!  I put together a list of things to help keep everyone distracted til the snow melts, sun starts shining and we can all hit the nearest patio for an ice cold beer! Continue reading

Third Verse #101 #102


Playlist for March 19th and 26th 2014

Aww shiet yeh!  The Pharcyde and Slum Village are coming to Saskatoon next month!  Super hyped for this show, as the represent some of the most heralded music in my collection!  Check for the details next week!  We got some new releases and videos for you, as well as the usual bangin playlist so tune in to catch the live show every week!  If you caught the last one, you caught a surprise interview with Kyprios, and Saskatoon’s own, Cquel and Chief Beats.  If you didn’t, you catch wreck!  Keep it locked every week!

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Why Divergent Doesn’t Work

Five reasons the latest YA phenomenon is thoroughly mediocre


I saw Divergent a few days ago and unlike the hordes of teenagers powering it to success at the box office, I wasn’t impressed. It’s not like Divergent was as ludicrous as Twilight, with caesarian section via fangs and sparkling vampires, but also unlike Twilight, it wasn’t a fascinating trainwreck. It’s a dull, calculated product. It seems like a committee created Divergent, hoping to fashion a rival The Hunger Games. The similarities with Suzanne Collins’ trilogy are numerous. Plucky female protagonist: check. Stoic male love interest: check. Dystopian future society: check. Society divided into arbitrary factions: check. Evil urban intellectuals ruling society: check. Poor people wearing rags being enemies of said intellectuals: check. Adolescents committing violence against each other: check. Themes of revolution and class oppression: check. I could go on. Continue reading

You Need to Start Watching Canadian Movies

Five films to showcase how good Canadian cinema can be


I’m not as big a fan of Canadian movies as I should be. Even though I’m an independent writer and director born and raised in Canada, Canadian cinema has never excited me the way Japanese or Korean or Hong Kong cinema has. Canada has made greater artistic strides in music and literature than in cinema. We’re not one of the great cinematic cultures and people, myself included, don’t pay much attention to Canadian film. And that’s a shame because there are a lot of solid Canadian films to find out there if you’re willing to look for them. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Wind Rises

Hayao Miyazaki's final film is a bittersweet tribute to imagination

Wind Rises

The Wind Rises is a significant achievement. If it does prove to be director Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, as suggested by his retirement last September, then he’s gone out at the peak of his substantial abilities. Not only does The Wind Rises explore what we’ve come to expect from a Miyazaki film—the relationship between nature and humanity, the power of imagination, the magic of flight—it also allows Miyazaki to explore the most mature issues of his career. It reflects on Miyazaki’s own lifelong work as an artist and the compromises and sacrifices that are inevitable consequences of any work of art. Continue reading

THE DUDES in Red Bull’s Can You Make It?


Hey there folks!

So, two of my best buds Jaz Gatin, Matt Kelley and I have come together to create a totally awesome team, THE DUDES in hopes of competing in Red Bull’s newest competition “Can You Make It?”. Continue reading

Movie Review: Non-Stop

Liam Neeson action vehicle is awesome B-movie fun


Non-Stop is another ridiculous, entertaining addition to the Liam Neeson action hero phase. Its plot is ludicrous. Liam Neeson plays a Federal Air Marshal on a trans-Atlantic flight, where a mysterious villain appears on his messaging network threatening to kill one passenger every 20 minutes until he’s paid $150 million. Neeson goes about trying to uncover the villain, who he believes to be a passenger onboard the plane, and the situation deteriorates into frequent bathroom brawls, bomb scares, and zero gravity gunfights. Continue reading

Ensemble Runway Event to Benefit Dress For Success

You win, your community wins. Now let's celebrate!

dress for success ensemble saskatoon mark tiu

This Thursday March 13th will see Cameco’s Dress For Success Ensemble Event take flight at the Kreos Aviation Hanger in Saskatoon. If you live in the city, you’ve probably heard some buzz around the night, but you might not know that the $200 ticket price benefits both your enjoyment (very important) and your community. So in the spirit of keeping you in the yxe loop, let me give you some background on the Dress For Success non-profit organization and a little preview of the fabulous evening to which we can all look forward.

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Third Verse #098


Enter March, and we’ve got some good rap to start the month off right.  Young Braised of Vancouver’s wavy rap fame, may make an appearance Friday night at Amigos.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll check the set.  To add to the great news, Open Mike Eagle signed with Mellow Music Group (no not Maybach Music Group) and is set to release 3 albums over the next 2 years, first of which is to be Dark Comedy. I’m hyped.  We also got some new videos.  Tune in! Continue reading