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I should work at Spareparts meme cat

Heads Up, Regina! Spareparts is HIRING.

So take your resume and good self over to Laura at the Cornwall Centre location, why don'cha?

Soooo… you live in Regina and want a great new job. Or maybe your brother, sister, or best friend is looking for a job and you think because they’re particularly awesome and have great taste and a winning attitude they deserve to work somewhere special. Well, you (or that person in your life) is in luck because Spareparts, Regina’s premier accessories retailer, is hiring both a Store Manager and a full-time Sales Associate. Read on for details!


Friendship is not The F-Word

Romantic comedy almost gets it totally right

“Nobody wants to be friends with the girl with a boyfriend.” Except The F-Word‘s main dude, Wallace(Daniel Radcliffe). Feeling sorry for himself and living with his sister after dropping out of medical school, Wallace is being mopey and creating anti-love magnetic poetry about town. See, he dropped out of medical school because his girlfriend made out with another guy – which made him flash back to his own surgeon parents’ infidelities. Dude, I get it – no one wants to realize they’re walking their parents’ path. Basically, he becomes a med-school dropout in the middle of a quarter life crisis. Then he meets Chantry(the ineffable Zoe Kazan).

Sandra Butel Regina Folk Fest Spareparts Community Member

Community Member Profile: Sandra BUTEL

A gathering of makers, thinkers, and doers, The Spareparts Community is made up of fine folks who contribute to a creative atmosphere in their cities. Follow along with us as we share what inspires them. Today, we feature Regina’s Sandra Butel whom you may know as the Artistic Director of the Regina Folk Festival. If you made it out to the festival this past weekend, you’ll understand what a positive force it is in the city (Serena Ryder, Indigo Girls, and Sam Roberts Band= good vibes for all), and if this is your intro to RFF, I’m pleased to take you behind the curtain to meet one of the minds behind a truly awesome musical event set on the prairies.