Mr. Dressup


This morning I started my day with off with a smile as I noticed the Google doodle of the day. The late and truly great Ernie Coombs (AKA Mr. Dressup) would have celebrated his 85th birthday today. Just by seeing that ol' tickle trunk I can guarentee that nearly all of you are instantly transported back to those simple childhood memories of watching this charasmatic man. 

Growing up, Mr. Dressup was always a big favorite of mine. Being that my family only had 2 channels it was such a treat to watch an episode of Mr. Dressup on good ol' CBC. This was always best accompanied on the couch with my 2 brothers, some fresh sandwiches, and a few tall glasses of milk. Looking back I wonder how much credit can be given to Mr. Dressup for the inspiration that he has given to so many children over his 32 years of airtime(During which he filmed over 4,000 episodes!!!). His imagination inspiring skits allowed us all to believe that there was nothing we couldn't do and no one we couldn't be. This motivation and emphasis on the power of imagination could very well have been the foundation for many future artists and creatives to build off of.

Below are some videos and photos that will hopefully bring you back to that carefree time when the only thing you had to worry about was how Mr. Dressup could fit all those costumes into his tickle trunk!

The many faces of Mr. Dressup!

 I was stoked to be reminded of this truly awesome man and show, and hope that I managed to share the same childhood transport that I experienced today. As you get caught up in your day to day stresses remember that everything in this life is attainable and that your imagination is the first step in accomplishing those goals. Always exercise your creative mind for it is the key to every success in this universe.

Happy 85th birthday Mr. Dressup!

"Keep Your Crayons Sharp, Your Sticky Tape Untangled, and Always Put The Tops Back On Your Markers" – Ernie (Mr. Dressup) Coombs
Nathan Emanuel Thoen

The good ol’ days