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The Leftovers Is Worth Your Time

HBO's adaptation of Tom Perrotta's novel simmers with existential rage

The Leftovers

HBO’s latest television series, The Leftovers, is dour entertainment. In fact, I’m not even sure the word “entertainment” should be used to describe it. Based off of Tom Perrotta’s novel and executive produced by Lost’s Damon Lindelof, The Leftovers follows the inhabitants of a New York town three years after a Rapture-like event known as “The Sudden Departure” made two percent of the world’s population disappear. Continue reading

Interview: Roots Forward Records ‘Out of the Box’


Dr. J [aka Jason Armitage] has a long history with both rap and local music in general; he’s been collecting rap vinyl since the 80s, been a mainstay DJ on the Saskatoon scene for a number of years, and hosted a show on CFCR called Expansions. But a few years ago, he decided to take it all a step further and start his own record label, ‘Roots Forward Records.’  Roots Forward was created to preserve rare materials, both unheard and reissued, from 80s and 90s rappers.  He’s got a new release just out, a 6-track cassette (with download card) called ‘Out of the Box,’ so I had a chat with the good doctor about the release, as well as the success of Roots Forward. Continue reading

Union Duke does Saskatoon

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.02.51 PM

This should be a good one! Toronto’s Union Duke stops in Saskatoon on July 24th at Village Guitar & Amp and two of Saskatoon’s most talented young bands The Population and The Little Brothers open. Continue reading

The Pistolwhips Album Release Par-tay!


The Pistolwhips have come to do two things; chew bubblegum and kick ass.  And they’re almost out of bubblegum. The band has been a force of nature for the last year or so; it wasn’t too long ago that frontman Rylan Schultz showed up to float me a copy of their first record, an EP that was made with the help of a Rawlco 10K20 grant.  Continue reading

Live @ Lunch on Broadway


If you dig music and you’re looking for a place to happen on Saturday afternoons in July while the summer is still here, look no further than Broadway for Live @ Lunch on Broadway.  Grab a bit to eat and pull up a patch of grass on the corner of 11th and Broadway by Ecole Victoria School to hear local musicians ply their sonic wares. Continue reading

Spareparts VIP Jazz Fest Weekend Recap


Jazz Fest wrapped this Sunday and we’re all worn out from an incredible week of high quality shows and good times with old friends. If you haven’t heard by now, Spareparts sponsored festival favourite Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite on the TD MainStage on June 21st and it was a perfect night.

Continue reading

Top 10 Bests of the Bes Gardens at SK JazzFest!

Highlights of the 2014 Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival


With over 700 artists playing 165+ shows with the help of over 420 volunteers…the 28th annual Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is in the books! Once again downtown Saskatoon put on its party hat and lit it off for 10 days and nights of incredible live music and good times along the river. Continue reading

Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

DreamWorks' adventure sequel is gorgeous and emotional


It’s rare to get anything soulful from mass-marketed children’s entertainment these days, so the humanity on display in How to Train Your Dragon 2 is refreshing and something to celebrate. Of course, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is also a franchise sequel, so it inevitably takes its inspiration from The Empire Strikes Back and makes the stakes bigger and the tone darker. Continue reading