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The Trip to Italy

Movie Review: The Trip to Italy

Comedy sequel starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon even better than predecessor

The Trip to Italy is about as good a comedy sequel as you can hope to get. It doesn’t change the format of its predecessor, again being about a foodie tour where the centrepieces are six dinners at fancy restaurants, but it’s even more hilarious and genial than the first The Trip. This time around, the lightly-fictionalized versions of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon head to Italy instead of the North of England, and the film focuses a little more on Rob Brydon than Steve Coogan. There are more Michael Caine impersonations and more of Rob Brydon doing his Small Man Trapped in a Box voice, but unlike The Trip, which couldn’t escape the fact that it felt like a distillation of a six-part BBC miniseries, The Trip to Italy has a bit more of a narrative structure as a feature film, even though it too is based on a TV miniseries. It’s a tad more conventional without losing any of its humour or insight into masculinity, and that more recognizable shape makes the film an absolute pleasure.


Big Skies, Big Hearts: Prairie Yogis Gather in Winnipeg

Maybe you’ve heard of yoga festivals like Wanderlust before or maybe you’re more like ‘Huh? What’s a yoga festival?’ Whether you were eager to attend a fest or were completely clueless to the concept, if you love yoga you wanted to be at Fort Whyte Alive last weekend for the prairies’ first Yoga Festival.


Movie Review: Frank

Independent comedy starring Michael Fassbender is quirky and clever

Frank is a curious film about a motley group of artists struggling to find a voice through their music. Most people will be drawn to the film for its overt quirkiness, which it undoubtedly revels in. For example, the title character, Frank (Michael Fassbender), wears a giant papier-mâché head for the majority of the film. But beneath the quirky exterior lies a contemplative centre. Here is a film concerned with what makes an artist and whether sanity and creativity can coexist. The oddball aspects of the musicians makes the film fun to watch, but there’s a soul to all this that makes Frank more than just another cute indie.


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Weekend

Just because Labour Day has passed and some people are saying things like ‘summer’s over’ and ‘it’s fall now’, it doesn’t mean that we have to act like it! There’s so much to do and see in the city this weekend, so let’s party like it’s June with these fine events:


5 Things to Do in Winnipeg This Long Weekend

So, maybe you wore out your welcome at your best friend’s cabin or forgot to get your passport renewed and you’re left behind while your friends go on a little cross-border adventure. Perhaps you just like the little bit of extra breathing room in the city on the long weekend while everyone else is away. It doesn’t matter: you’re in the city and everyone says that there’s never anything to do on the long weekend. False, friends – here’s all the proof to the contrary in the form of 5 things to do:

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Is TV’s Best Comedy

Season two of Disney's animated adventure show continues the hilarity

There is no better animated show on TV than Disney’s Gravity Falls. In fact, there may be no better show in general, and that’s high praise in a year that’s arguably one of the best years for television ever. Fargo, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Louie, Mad Men, True Detective—there have been so many great shows this year that anyone could respectably list as their favourite of the year. In fact, this year has had a number of great comedy series as well. Aside from the aforementioned Louie, 2014 has given us Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty, and a vastly improved season of Community. And yet, I’d take Gravity Falls over any of these other shows, no matter how great they are. Gravity Falls is imaginative and gorgeous and does a better job of capturing childhood insecurities than almost any show ever. It’s second season is working at a level on par with classic The Simpsons and Futurama, and I’m convinced that in future years, we’ll look back on it as one of the all-time greats.


Winnipeg Is Going To Be Super Rad This Week: 5 things to do

I know you’re used to seeing my roundup of events make its debut on Friday afternoons; but Winnipeg is packed with so much extra goodness this week, I figured you should know about it. You’re welcome. No need to wait for the long weekend: shake off those rainy weekend blues, get on your bike, and remind yourself it’s still summer. You’re welcome.


Rock the River… Roared!

This past weekend’s Rock the River Music Fest did not disappoint – at least, not for this child-of-the-80′s! In the atmospheric Bez Gardens, with the flowing river as the backdrop and the castle shrouding the crowd, the mood could not have been more perfect. A plethora of iconic ’70′s and ’80′s bands (Prism, Doug and the Slugs, Harlequin etc) showed they still had the talent and magic they had back in the day – as each group took the stage, they owned it! What sweetened the pot (did I say pot?) for this recycled teenager was the group Honeymoon Suite closing the show on Friday night! The ‘Suite’ is not just one of my favourite hair-bands, but one of my fave bands of all-time (they sang ‘Lethal Weapon’ for frig’ sakes!).

PicMonkey Collage

5 Things to Do in Manitoba This Weekend

It’s supposed to be one gloomy weekend in Winnipeg – rain is forecast straight through until Monday. It isn’t ideal at all for one of the official last weekends of summer. It’s okay, though! You can brave the outdoors if you’re armed with a good rain jacket, rubber boots, and sense of adventure/humour. Or you can revel in the excuse to stay inside and take a break from cramming in as many activities as you can before the weather gets too chilly. Either way, we’ve got something for you this week in our activity roundup.