Spy Gets Cheeky


Over the weekend optics company Spy who has been on a bit of a tear lately in an effort to build media attention for the upcoming launch of their new Happy Lens technology, took yet another step toward creating one of the most notorious designs ever in the world of eyewear. They initial launch came weeks back when they created a buzz with the first in a series of billboards which would turn heads sporting the slogan "Happy To Sit On Your Face" which was subsequently taken down in favor of a less offensive "Happiness Is Coming".

Now Spy has parlayed that momentum into yet another great advertising piece with the latest effort which reads "Spreading Holiday Cheeks" or should I say "Cheers". The new design is a play on the fact that not everyone is impressed with the "Cheeky" way in which the company has decided to push this new technology. CEO Michael Marckx was quoted as saying that "Whether (the company) is spreading cheeks or cheer, the aim is to share as much happy with the community as possible".

Whatever your stance on the marketing campaign is, there remains one thing that is certain and that is when this technology drops in February of next year, it is going to change the face of eyewear as we know it. I have had the privilege of being able to wear the product for a few days can say without hesitation that what Spy has delivered with their latest endeavor is nothing short of incredible as it truly is one of the best lenses I have ever seen.

We will have more coverage leading up to the 02/01/2013 release of Happy Lens including several review pieces over the next few weeks, so look forward to that as Spareparts will provide you with unparalleled looks into this great new technology before it hits shelves in our stores across western Canada. For the time being feel free to check out our massive selection of Spy products online as well as in stores as there is still technically one more day when you are able to cross names off your Christmas list. While we may not be able to sit Happy on your face just yet, you can still spread cheeks with joy, thanks to a little help from your friends at Spy Optic and Spareparts.

Happy Holidays everyone!


New Happy Lens Billboard