Rikki McDougall



Rikki McDougall is that girl in the crowd that you would stop and take notice at. At first you would notice her beauty, flawless skin and effortless smile. Then you begin to wish that you too were as savvy and cute as she to come up with that brilliantly unique, and fashionable outfit she wears. To complete the package (which she always does!) she’s always adorned with a beautiful piece of jewelry that she has made.

Rikki lives in Winnipeg.  She makes beautiful jewelry out of up cycle antique silver spoons, leather and semi precious stones. Gathering inspiration from ‘piles of dusty junk’, her prairie surroundings, and her friends.

As a kid growing up she was always creative, outgoing and active. She was a collector. Her room was filled with clutter and various collections. She loved clothes and jewelry. In junior high she always wanted to push the envelope with fashion and wanted to wear clothes that were different from the rest.  Her mom taught her how to sew. Using inspiration from the 70’s fashion and the spice girls (lol – no judgment Rikki) she would create her own clothing statements.  

5 years ago, it started out as a simple hobby of making spoon pendant necklaces for her friends and family as gifts. Then it turned into custom orders from people asking for certain images (animals) to be in the pendants.  From there a line of animal pendants was born.

Many of her new ideas come from her friends. As she works on her new designs she imagines what would look great on them and what would suit their style and ‘look’.  A perfect example of that is her new line of leather fringe earrings.  Rikki shared,  “I get really inspired by flea markets or antique stores. It's where I head to if I'm ever feeling stuck for ideas. I love being in amongst piles of forgotten objects- things with a history. I feel really connected to items of the past and enjoy thinking of ways to make them relevant today.”

Rikki shared a bit more about her journey with her business and how things really opened up for her.  “It wasn't ever something I planned on doing as a job. It just sort of took off once I started creating pieces for my friends and family, then custom orders started to come in.  I made a necklace for one particular friend as a going away present. She was the one who suggested I contact the girls, Chandra and Charla, from the Vineyard craft sale…suggesting that my stuff might fit in there. I was nervous to, but I did, and that was really what forced me to create a line of jewelry beyond just my spoon pendant necklaces. From there, I had a few local shops take notice, and now I have jewelry in stores here in Winnipeg such as Out of the Blue and Poppie clothing. I have also had my jewelry in a few stores in Vancouver. It all feels like an amazing opportunity…to be able to create things that people enjoy, and call it your job?? That’s the dream!”

Check out more of Rikki's amazing wears at her etsy shop! 


Creating things that people enjoy, and call it your job?! That’s the dream!