Spareparts HQ Facelift Day 2


Wow, look at the difference 2 days of work can make on a space! We've partnered up with Kris Moffat to add some creativity to the giant white wall of our office in Riversdale, Saskatoon. The progress since day one is astounding, and thanks to the big empty lot beside our building the piece can be seen from blocks and blocks away!

Kris has been putting in work in the evenings because it's been pretty bright the last few days, so it's cool to show up in the morning and see how much has changed. Keep checking back on The Rooster for updates on the wall, or talk a walk and come scope it out in Riversdale, Saskatoon!

The finishing touches go down on the wall on Saturday June 1st, just on time for our BLOCK PARTY at Village Guitar and Amp, Beaumont Records, and PAVED Arts. Get your tickets at Spareparts ASAP!

Legendary Artist Kris Moffatt creates gigantic mural!