Last Minute Gift Ideas



I need 3 more gifts, its last minute…. It needs to seem that I made a real effort; we've all been there.  I've always liked bringing a bottle of something as a present but I wanted to take it another step.

This year I’m gifting my own infusions, Gin, Tequila, and Bourbon

Gin: I would get an affordable London Dry Style like Bombay or Beefeater.  Open the bottle and pour yourself a drink, you're likely thirsty and we need room in the bottle.  The next step is to add the petals from 2 large sprigs of fresh rosemary and about a dozen cranberries.  Lid the bottle and wrap it, add a little note that reminds that the longer it rests the better the flavors will meld.

Tequila: El Amo is my favorite brand, Cazadores or Avion are acceptable as well. I would use a blanco for this infusion.  Add the zest from a whole grapefruit and fresh thyme.  The grapefruit and thyme play off the notes in well-made tequila and will make a wicked margarita.

Bourbon: Makers, Woodfords, Buffalo Trace to name a few.  My favorite infusion for this spirit is vanilla bean cut and seeds scraped out all added to the bourbon.  Add one cinnamon stick, about two-dozen fennel seeds, and 1 clove.  Mmm yumm!

Two weeks is a good amount of time for the flavors to gel.



From Your Bartender