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“Spring” Riding

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So this might just be the longest and coldest winter yet for those of us that are landlocked in the middle parts of Canada.  We have endured 6 months of cold, ice and snow with no signs of this so called “spring”.  The only thing “spring like” in Calgary right now is the spring storms that have been hitting the city and resorts for the past month. I am ready for the melt, ready for my spring wardrobe, and SO ready to ride my bike around the city, but in the meantime I have been enjoying the last of winter in the mountains.  March always brings some of the best snow and some of my best days this year have been in the past 3 weeks at Lake Louise and Fernie. Continue reading

OOKAY and ETC! ETC! This Thursday at HiFi


This Thursday at Calgary’s legendary indie dance club we are proud to present a huge show.  We have Mad Decent artists Ookay and ETC! ETC! sharing the stage alongside Hai Karate residents Smalltown DJ’s and Ivan Rankic.  It is not a show to be missed!! We went a little big on this one. Mad Decent is killing it!! Continue reading

Move Over Mr. Noodle


As an avid member of Calgary’s food scene, I am always excited when something new is opening up in the city. I had the pleasure of attending a tasting of a new Japenese Noodle Bar to hit the YYC culinary scene, GORO+GUN. Spealizing in Ramen, the concept of GORO+GUN is taking Japenese cuisine and introducing it to the modern foodie. I spole with managing partner Ken McDonald during my feast last Sunday, and I could tell that Kenny is a man who lives and breathes Ramen–he is passionate about the food coming out of GORO+GUN.

Continue reading

YYC – Corkage


I think we can all agree there is no better place to drink a bottle of wine than your home.  Your chosen company, your comfort and best yet your favourite wines at liquor store prices. Unfortunately for myself my cooking is not up to par with Calgary’s latest, so if you are looking for more than the veggies, hummus, pickles, crackers and cheese plate- which the Reichert residence has to offer, you might have to look into wining and dining out.

But not to worry, all you penny pinchers and wine snobs can still find amazing places to eat in the city AND you can bring your favourite or cheapest bottle of wine with you for a small corkage fee.  Some restaurants are even offering free corkage on their slower nights to entice customers to dine at their fine establishments. I took the legwork out of it for you and have found some great Calgary restaurants that offer corkage for a small fee or FREE on select nights: Continue reading

A Review of The Grand Budapest Hotel


Watching a Wes Anderson film is kind of like taking a walk through a museum of anthropology; you go to marvel at the rich iconography, fantastical costumes and artifacts of another time. It’s really not such a bad place to hang out for a few hours. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Anderson’s latest theatrical spectacle and as you might expect from some of his other films, the reel is full of oddball characters, absurd situations, ornate backdrops, witty dialogue and of course, Bill Murray.


Meet Gustave H. (played the fabulous Ralph Fiennes) the Concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel who takes to referring to both friends and foes simply as ‘Darling’. Gustave is a dapper gentleman that represents an age of elegance and refinement gone by. With his well-manicured moustache and love for his perfume L’Air de Panache, he divides his time between grooming his protégé, Zero Mustafa, the new Lobby Boy, and bedding the rich old dames who visit the hotel. You’ll never meet another on screen character that can deliver the F-bomb with such cultivated zeal.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

“You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it.”

When the concierge’s geriatric lover Madame D is found dead, he is named to inherit an invaluable painting in her possession, which enrages the departed’s villainous son Dmitri (the also fabulous Adrien Brody). Chaos ensues as Gustave and Zero scramble to clear his name and the two impart of a series of misadventures that involve incarceration, evading police and a high speed chase on a toboggan.

tgb 3

“You’re looking so well darling, you really are. I don’t know what sort of cream they put on you down at the morgue but, I want some”

There are so many great cameos by the usual troupe of actors devoted to Anderson’s films but Willem Dafoe really takes the cake as J.G. Jopling, the nefarious hit man who works for Dmitri. Dafoe’s dark and sinister presence is only confounded by his ridiculous overbite and buzz cut that reminds you of a homely lap dog.

tgb 4

The storyline takes place in the fantastical alpine country of Zubrowka, which was actually filmed in a border town between Eastern Germany and Poland. Anderson went to great lengths to bring his version of Oz to life by creating imaginary bus lines, newspapers and passports to really give audiences a strong sense of the country. TGBH has this wonderful Soviet charm about it that is simultaneously beautiful and severe, mixing grandiose architecture and stunning culture with the harsh truths of brutal authority and poverty. Like Gustave, the pastel pink Grand Budapest Hotel stands as a symbol of romance and opulence in an otherwise crumbling and lackluster reality.

tgb 5

You can’t help but fall in love with everything about this movie. The deadpan humour, the salute to the old world oddities, the story of young love and even the bizarre death scenes that will make you laugh. This is a movie that you have to see this year and you’ll be glad you did. As Gustave put it best, you’ll be so happy you’ll be “dancing like gypsies”.


The Big Taste Wrap up


Another Big Taste Calgary in the books and I had the opportunity to take advantage of a few great new spots. As mentioned in my previous post a review of the spots I was able to take in will be reviewed here. This spring/ summer seems to be the time for a lot of new doors to open in YYC. Continue reading

Chuck Ragan Album Review – Till Midnight

Till Midnight cover 900

Chuck Ragan, The Ever Burning Light

The legendary American songwriter Chuck Ragan returns from life on the road to give the people Till Midnight.

Having recently organized The Revival Tour as well as releasing the book The Road Most Traveled, it seemed impossible that Chuck would find time to return to the studio, but some dreams really do come true. The last few years and a million miles of road have amounted to ten incredible stories on the full length record Till Midnight out on Side One Dummy on March 25. Continue reading

The Factory

Presented by The Fashion Institute


Want to see what the students at the Fashion Institute have been up to all year?? Here’s your chance!

The Fashion Institute by Old’s College are hosting The Factory- a fashion show taking place April 5th at Bow Valley College.  Fashion apparel & costume students will use various raw materials to create unique pieces that are sure to #steeltheshow.  The program is hosted by Ania Basak of Fashion Calgary and will also feature guest designer Jamie Block! Continue reading

Sled Island Lineup Announced!


Ohhh wow.  Sled Island lineup dropped yesterday afternoon and it’s so choice! The festival took a beating last year with whole Calgary flood thing happening night one of the fest, leading to a cancellation of the rest of the festival (and some really unique unplanned jam sessions and house concerts). Unfortunately that was a big blow to festival organizers and a lot of lost money. Continue reading

Weekend At Fernie’s

An All Girls Snowboard Camp Hosted By Burton Snowboards


Ladies!!! Are you looking to improve your overall riding skills? Meet some new girls to snowboard with?  Try out the latest Burton boards and bindings? Maybe you just need to get out of town for a girls weekend in the mountains?? Well I have good news for you – Weekend at Fernie’s is back!  This all girls snowboard camp is taking place at Fernie Alpine Resort March 8th and 9th.  This weekend camp includes 2 full days of instruction with skilled RCR female coaches, camp photos taken by a professional photographer, daily gourmet lunch, après activities,  access to new Burton women’s boards and bindings available for demo and  Burton gift bags for all participants.  We also have some great draw prizes to give away from Samsung and Burton, including your chance to win 1 of 2 brand new Burton snowboards!!! Continue reading