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Obviously the Best Summer Romcom

Obvious Child Movie Review with The Rooster Exclusive Preview


Walking into romantic comedies, I’m prepared to suspend my disbelief – romcoms are my shit (I even did a TEDx talk about them). It’s like there’s a basket at the door of the theatre that says: “Leave all sense of reality and logic and maybe some of your feminist ideals here” and I eagerly toss ‘em in. The reason, however, I anticipated Obvious Child so much was that it demanded the exact opposite of me as a viewer. It demanded that I be right there in it – the messy, sweet, difficult, hilarious, and real of it all. Continue reading

4th Annual East Village Street Fair and Show & Shine


If you live or are going to be in Calgary this Canada Day, and are looking for something to do for a few hours, why not check out the East Village Street Fair and Show & Shine? This will be the 4th year in a row that the East Village has hosted the event in collaboration with Fort Calgary, and will feature local vendors and artisans, a car show featuring “old & new”, craft tents with activities and cultural exhibits, and musical buskers. Continue reading

Shakespeare By The Bow: The Comedy Of Errors


Shakespeare buffs, wherefore art thou? It’s that time of year again and this year Theatre Calgary and Mount Royal University are putting a new spin on their successful Shakespeare In The Park series with Shakespeare By The Bow, and they promise that while “the name may be different, the identity and spirit of the program remain the same.”

Continue reading

Bowled Over: Review of Shiki Menya

Shiki Menya lineup

To me, there is no more perfect a meal than a steaming bowl of noodle soup. It seems that every Asian country has their own variation of this magical culinary delight: from pho to wonton soup to udon to ho fun and everywhere in between, I love them all! Ramen is one of Japan’s offerings to the world of noodle soup and no, this is quite different to the packages of instant noodles that have become a staple of college student and drunk late-night diners the world over. Real ramen consists of noodles served in a meat or fish broth and topped with a variety of carefully selected toppings such as seaweed, pork, soft-boiled egg and green onion. Different regions in Japan have their own signature version of the soup, such as the pork bone broth ramen from Kyushu, or the miso ramen of Hokkaido. Continue reading

Road Trip Destinations: Sheep River Provincial Park


You already know about my love for road trips, long or short, and I promised that this summer I would share with you some of my favourite destinations around Calgary and Alberta to venture to. Since I’m planning to head to Sheep River Provincial Park next weekend, I figured why not start with that? Continue reading