Whistler Weekend

Last week I was lucky enough to fly into Vancouver to put in a few days working out of the BC showroom… I absolutely love Vancouver but I was even luckier to extend my flights to Sunday night so I could spend some time up in Whistler for the weekend! 

After 2 jam packed days in the showroom, it was time to pack up and hit the road.  We had a few transports issues, with all the shuttles being full and not enough space in the cars we were hoping to catch a ride with, so we opted to rent a car.  It was a small/midsize car….thank god for all those puzzles i did as a kid, because we managed to squeeze 2 Burton Wheelie locker bags , 3 Burton double decks, 1 extra board, 3 backpacks and 3 people into this vehicle….

Vancouver was pouring rain when we left which was exciting because we knew it was dumping up in whistler…

2 hours of rainy/slushy/snowy roads and we were there! again we were lucky enough to have good friends to stay with, which always helps out …especially in Whistler where the accomodations/food/drinks and pretty much everything else is quite expensive once you get up to the village …

The next morning we woke up to 30cm of fresh!!  We were stoked…. until we got to the base to see the entire population of BC waiting in line for the Whistler gondola! Sooooo we headed over to the Blackcomb side!  Again, having local knowledge at this hill is key as we were able to navigate the lines pretty well, so we didn't end up waiting too long anywhere…

Even with a small wait, the payoff is insane here! we spent the full day on the Blackcomb side.  I was so impressed by the terrain, it is amazing ….We ended the day with a snowboard staple, the apres… Nothing like a beer and a hot tub after a long day of riding. (no pictures here but you get the gist of it )

Waking up the next day is always a bit tougher….a bit sore , a small headache, but i find snowboarding is one of the only things I can bounce out of bed for!  Whistler’s upper alpine was closed all Saturday due to avalanche risk, so when we woke up to only a dusting of snow and the sound of bombing, we knew it was going to be good and fresh up top… and it was! 

It starting puking snow around 10 am and it was a complete whiteout up top, but once you got into the trees you were golden! 

It was another amazing day up at Whis!!!  Packing up is pretty hard to do when it is snowing that hard at the end of the day… But we did what we had to do and hit the road shortly after shredding to ensure we made it back to the airport for the 9:15 flight home to calgary…  Peace out Whistler…

And in case you were wondering it snowed another 30 cms that night and I was told it was epic. One of these days I will get a weekday pow day.


Bridget Reichert

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