Joie Rosé

Re-Think Pink

Joie rose wine Saskatoon Canada
One of our absolute favourite wines here at The Hollows is a Rosé from a B.C. winery called Joie Farms. Now I know what you’re thinking… Rosé? Really? But trust me. This is not the Rosé that your grandmother drinks.  Or perhaps it is, and in that case I want to drink with your grandma. In fact the name of this wine is “re-think pink”, and that’s exactly what it accomplishes. Continue reading

Kyle Riabko Returns Home for Two Shows This Friday!

Local Actor/Musician to Play Double Header at The Bassment July 25th


Kyle Riabko may be living in Los Angeles when he isn’t on tour, in a studio, on a film set or working on major Broadway Productions in New York, but he never forgets his prairie roots in his hometown Saskatoon. He has also had many friends and family by his side watching his incredible career build, since he was a young teenager, that look forward to his upcoming shows at The Bassment this Friday.

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Endless Summer

A style pictorial by Scott Ramsay

Endless Summer Scott Ramsay Toronto photographer

Hot summer days don’t last forever, but on those rare lazy days where you’ve got nothing to do but kick around, it feels like they stretch on and on.  There’s always a bit of haze in the air on those days and it puts you in mind of Slurpees and skateboards and being seventeen forever.  Toronto-based photographer Scott Ramsay and I found one of those days not long ago and spent it with someone who lives the moment without nostalgia: seventeen-year-old model Josie Dean from Carrot River, one of the newest faces at Saskatchewan agency Masala. I played dress-up with Josie, styling her with super laid-back, urban-vibed pieces from White Dhalia that cemented the feeling of long, hot days. And because summer demands sunnies, it’s no surprise that it was Spareparts accessories that brought the outfits to life and evoked the beautiful and wistful feeling of endless summer.

Photographer: Scott Ramsay

Makeup Artist: Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry

Hair Stylist: Jennifer Moneo of CHEL Salonspa

Model: Josie Dean of Masala Model and Talent

Outfitting: White Dhalia and Spareparts

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‘Skippy.Smooth.BeatNutz.Butter’ – Free Summer Mixtape!

RoadTrip Worthy Soundtrack of Indie Electro Beats & Remixes

Roadtrip Soundtrack

We are in the peak of music festival, cabin camping and summer vacation season… which all equal road trips! And with great road trips come great musical responsibility. So I’ve put together an hour long mixtape of indie electronic remixes and instrumental house beats meant to keep you on cruise mode right through to the sunrise!

Skippy.Smooth.Beatnutz.Butter Mixtape by John_Early on Mixcloud

You can also download the entire Mixtape via dropbox HERE


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Ranking the Planet of the Apes Films

From Planet of the Apes (1968) to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Through two weekends of release, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes still holds the box office in its thrall. Back in 1968, the original Planet of the Apes opened to the world and wowed audiences with its mix of bizarre world-building and heady socio-political commentary. After four direct sequels, a short-lived television series, a remake, and a rebooted franchise with two installments, the franchise is still alive and well in Hollywood. A third film in the rebooted franchise is set to come out two years from now, and as long as audiences keep flocking to the cinemas and Andy Serkis remains willing to don his motion capture gear, the franchise will continue. Continue reading

Summer of Steven Spielberg

Forego the multiplex and instead watch these summer classics from Steven Spielberg

Jurassic Park

This summer movie season has been one of the dreariest in recent memory. Edge of Tomorrow was the only unreservedly great blockbuster. Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past were both good, but I doubt 10 years from now we’ll view them as all-time classics. Otherwise the cinema has been full of dreck like Maleficent and hyperactive toy commercials like Transformers: The Age of Extinction. This lack of thrilling blockbusters, of summer films I’m excited about for months in advance of their release, has cemented my disillusionment with big budget Hollywood. But commercial Hollywood hasn’t always been so disappointing during the summer months. Many summer movies are some of the best films of all time and many of these summer classics came courtesy of one man: Steven Spielberg. Continue reading

Maximize Your Maxi: 10 Ways to Re-Style Your Go-To Dress

How to give your favourite style staple new life

how to style maxidress restyle reuse wardrobe mashup closet haul

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe essential. Not just because they’re comfortable, not just because they’re a one-piece instant outfit… but because that long dress can serve as a basic that you can take almost anywhere with the right completer pieces. To prove my theory, I took the basic Spaghetti Tank Dress ($46) from American Apparel in Saskatoon and re-styled it on model Nicole Romanoff ten times over, all with the help of other easy itms from American Apparel and some killer accessories from Spareparts. Several of these looks are the kind you can even put together with what you’ve already got in your closet although I bet others will inspire a shopping trip. ;) Get ready to maximize that maxi!

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