The Grizzly Den presents their first ever full length snowboard premiere, Gurth Dumpster!

With Blackwater and Chad Reynolds. Sponsored by Propaganda and Spareparts :)

Grizzly Den Cover

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am pleased to announce an extremely awesome and darn right amazing event that will be taking place this Saturday at Louis’ in Saskatoon. Continue reading

I Like Free Stuff So Naturally I Assume You Do Too.

#Lensday refresher course AND the introduction of the Spy Crosstown Collection


Every Wednesday as of late has become #Lensday in the land of Spareparts and that means one thing: you can win a $40 gift card JUST for wearing Spareparts shades. In fact, you don’t even have to be the one to wear ‘em– put them on your pooch, your friend, your beer bottle… and so long as you Instagram (tagging #lensday and @sparepartslife), Tweet (ditto), or Facebook (tagging #lensday and Spareparts in the description), you’re entered to win. As you can see, my Super Giaguaros (which btw, I fear are lost somewhere in Toronto as of this past week :( ) looked particularly cute on my football last summer.

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My Revenge List


So it has come to my attention over the last two or three weeks that you guys actually pay attention to what I have to say.  It was a little surprising – I honestly thought no one cares about the dumb stuff I rant about and therefore continue with my stupid topics.  Some of you guys have said some really nice things about my posts and I am beyond grateful.  I really enjoy writing these posts and reading what the other contributors have to say as well.  I am now going to use this little influence that I have on you to hopefully exact my revenge on everything in this world that pisses me off.  If you agree with any or all of these things lets get something started.  The revolution starts here.  In no particular order may I present to you the things in life that irritate me to no end. Continue reading

Limos? Eff that. Rihanna travels in VANS.

rihanna vans fashio 2014

Okay, so Riri probably travels in limos… but when she’s on foot, you can often catch her in a pair of comfy, casual, and understated sneaks by Vans. Her hair colour may change more often than the seasons but her footwear faves remain tested and true and she rocks them with pretty much any ensemble from dresses to boyfriend jeans. Let’s take a look at our girl in her Vans and then have a peek at a couple new styles and colours in at Spareparts. Sound like a plan? Vans-tastic.

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Street Photography, Before That Was A Thing


From Van Gogh to Stieg Larsson, here’s nothing more fascinating in pop culture than an artist becoming famous posthumously. That’s certainly the case with Vivian Maier, an American woman who worked as a nanny for around 40 years and took photos as a hobby. Now she’s known as an iconic street fashion photographer. Continue reading

Exile Bistro in Vancouver- hyper-local, plant-forward sustainable food.

New Vancouver Restaurant


Just what the West End needed. With Davie street packed with fast food and easy pub eating, the new Exile Bistro offers the opposite – hyper-local plant-forward healthy food. Plant-forward doesn’t mean it’s a strictly vegetarian restaurant, though it offers a variety of vegan options. Exile has their focus on sustainable foods, like their land-based aquaculture trout, game meats and foraged vegetables. Steering clear of corn, soy, wheat, and canola, Exile is perfect for clientele seeking gluten free food. Continue reading

What About the Music?


There used to be a time when people would go to music festivals to go and enjoy, to listen to, and to be one with the music. However, nowadays I’m not too entirely sure what festival goer’s main objective is when heading to such festivals, but I definitely feel as though the music is no longer a top priority, or if its is even a priority at all. I feel as if the Facebook status updates, the Instagram pics, or even the carefully sought out and planned outfits may take precedence over anything that is happening on stage or it’s surrounding. Continue reading



If you are anything like those of us here at The Hollows, you have spent the winter trying to stay warm with many bottles of red wine…… now you are looking at the white wine section of the liquor store thinking, hello my old friends, its been a while, nice to see you again. Every time I feel ready to fully embrace summer and all the delicious acidity that a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has to offer, or the vibrant sweetness of a German Riesling, the temperature drops again, more snow falls and I find myself in a nice hot bath tub, enjoying a bottle of Tiellery Shiraz again. I have discovered the answer to this delayed spring/prolonged winter wine issue, and its name is Beaujolais. Continue reading