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Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Is TV’s Best Comedy

There is no better animated show on TV than Disney’s Gravity Falls. In fact, there may be no better show in general, and that’s high praise in a year that’s arguably one of the best years for television ever. Fargo, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Louie, Mad Men, True Detective—there have been so many great shows this year that anyone could respectably list as their favourite of the year. In fact, this year has had a number of great comedy series as well. Aside from the aforementioned Louie, 2014 has given us Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty, and a vastly improved season of Community. And yet, I’d take Gravity Falls over any of these other shows, no matter how great they are. Gravity Falls is imaginative and gorgeous and does a better job of capturing childhood insecurities than almost any show ever. It’s second season is working at a level on par with classic The Simpsons and Futurama, and I’m convinced that in future years, we’ll look back on it as one of the all-time greats.


Prairie Sun Brewery Turns One! (Party on Friday!)

Prairie Sun Brewery opened up the taps a year ago, making delicious craft beer, one batch at a time.  Owners Cameron Ewan and Heather Williams were entrenched in the local beer scene, with Cam learning the ins and outs of beer and how to brew a righteous batch.  They were approached by an entrepreneur who saw the impending craft beer explosion in Saskatchewan and wanted to start a brewery.  But why run someone else’s brewery when you can start your own and do it your way?  They took a ‘research trip’ to Denver, Colorado and dreamed up their vision for Prairie Sun Brewery. It took over a year to realize their idea, find the necessary equipment, and brew their first batch on a 10-barrel system.  In May of 2013, Heather and Cameron found the perfect home at the former Saskatoon Bakery, moved in, and prepared to open.


Third Verse #123-125

We back to drop one more on you this month, with some new releases from the hometown boys, and some hot heat from across the country, since its been coolin’ off this month so fast.  Couple shows coming up over the next month for the back to school season so keep it locked to the best radio rap show in the nation, every Wednesday night for your fix!

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Staying In with The Rooster: An Indoor Picnic With JUST EAT

Welcome to the first instalment of a new little feature here on The Rooster: Staying In. We fully endorse and encourage you to get out there in your communities and cities and explore all they have to offer: music, art, food, sports, and all the great secret spots that are hiding and just waiting to be discovered. However, we do know that sometimes you just need a break – sometimes you just need to stay home. Whether you’re an introvert or you’re just tired from trying to squeeze the most out of summer, it’s okay to turn down those Facebook invites and get into your cozy sweats for a night in. The old ‘Netflix and Snacks’ routine is a classic for a reason; but just because you’re staying in, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.


Blonde VS. Brunette

The age old battle between the fairer haired bombshells and the raven hued vixens…which is better? Blondes or brunettes?  As a hair colour chameleon I have experimented with every shade over and under the rainbow but always resort back to brilliant blonde because we have more fun DUH!!!  However I believe there is a little piece of Betty and Veronica in each of us!


This Week in Pictures: Athens

Athens, Greece: the birthplace of democracy,  the site of economic turmoil a couple years back and the first-stop on the way to a bright and sunny array of island paradise. Athens means something different to everybody, but here is what is for me: unexpectedly, one of the most lively and enchanting cities in Europe to go for a stroll. Here are a few impressions from a typical day on the streets of the Greek capital:


Fall For Flannel

Well I know it’s been a while…..Summer has been extremely busy with work, travel and change but it feels good to be back and better yet, writing about one of my favourite seasons….FALL. Fall is the best time for fashion. You get access to almost your entire wardrobe, by layering up your fav summer items and mixing in winter/fall essentials. This Fall flannel is back in a BIG way and it is a must-have for your fall wardrobe. It is very diverse in nature and you can mix it up in SO many ways! : with denim, wrapped around your waist or you can even dress it up with the right fitted silhouette and booties.  Below are some looks to get you inspired, proving plaid is for more than just lumberjacks and cowboys.


Winnipeg Is Going To Be Super Rad This Week: 5 things to do

I know you’re used to seeing my roundup of events make its debut on Friday afternoons; but Winnipeg is packed with so much extra goodness this week, I figured you should know about it. You’re welcome. No need to wait for the long weekend: shake off those rainy weekend blues, get on your bike, and remind yourself it’s still summer. You’re welcome.


Rock the River… Roared!

This past weekend’s Rock the River Music Fest did not disappoint – at least, not for this child-of-the-80′s! In the atmospheric Bez Gardens, with the flowing river as the backdrop and the castle shrouding the crowd, the mood could not have been more perfect. A plethora of iconic ’70′s and ’80′s bands (Prism, Doug and the Slugs, Harlequin etc) showed they still had the talent and magic they had back in the day – as each group took the stage, they owned it! What sweetened the pot (did I say pot?) for this recycled teenager was the group Honeymoon Suite closing the show on Friday night! The ‘Suite’ is not just one of my favourite hair-bands, but one of my fave bands of all-time (they sang ‘Lethal Weapon’ for frig’ sakes!).

Justin Trudeau Farmfresh Spareparts

Justin Trudeau Gets FARMFRESH On The Prairie

As you may or may know (please note my disregard of the word “not”), Justin Trudeau is kind of a big deal lately. Well, actually, he’s been a big deal to the Canadian public ever since 1971 when he arrived on the scene as son of beloved Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his rockstar-status First Lady, Margaret. Forty-two years later, here we are, and the younger Trudeau is poised to make his own mark in political history. So far, he’s achieved what most political players only strive for: the leadership of a national party. But as head honcho (pretty sure that’s the official title) of the Liberals, there is one last step in following in his late father’s footsteps that can only be determined at election time. In the mean time, Justin has already proven that he holds two of the most charismatic Trudeau traits: a charming smile and easy, classic style. I caught up with Justin as he stopped in Saskatoon along his tours, and we chatted a bit about what he appreciates in his wardrobe, his best fashion tip, and his support of prairie-born brand, Farmfresh. (I think he appreciated the break from talking shop.)