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adam magyar

ADAM MAGYAR: Techie Art Genius

To say Adam Magyar is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met would be an understatement. He’s a self-taught photographer with a knack for coding software and connecting wires — that’s how his famous video series Stainless was born. Magyar spent months developing software and hardware that could take breathtaking high-speed, high-resolution images that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Afterwards, he set out to troll underground subway stations around the world, catching people in a fleeting moment. That’s how I first learned about Adam and Stainless, through this surreal video expert filmed in Berlin’s downtown station Alexanderplatz:


The Best Place to Paraglide in Mexico

Tequila. Three or four shots, with a side of calamari. The natural progression following a spontaneous decision to paraglide with a stranger after he lands his parachute on a remote beach in Mexico. He just nods his head, shrugs his shoulders and takes another long drag from his cigarette. ‘Si. Let’s go.’ No receipt, no paper work, no helmet…just tequila and the offer of a cerveza to the man who will soon hold your life in his hands when you drop from over 5000 feet in the sky. Mehico: me gustas tu.

kelsi and garrett kendel for

Who Wore It Better? The Timepiece Showdown.

There’s no argument that menswear holds major sway over on-trend women’s timepieces but lately, girls have been going all out, borrowing from boyfriends, dads, and brothers to sport that extra-large watch face, and delving into the men’s section themselves to go beyond influence into the real thing. I asked Kelsi Kendel, one of the most au courant girls I know and blogger for Our Collective Muse, to go toe to toe with her husband Garrett Kendel to see who could best style four very different men’s watches. Now, before you say Kelsi’s got the advantage because she writes for a style blog, I should mention that the couple owns Saskatoon’s premiere men’s shop, Banjo Outpost. So his good taste is pretty certified. And now that I’ve set up the premise, let’s get on with the showdown!

airhole facemask technology

Facemasks. Because SCIENCE.

Sure, Airhole facemasks look cool but the more relevant issue is that they are actually super beneficial to your dexterity outdoors, and I’m not just talking about your face. According to several studies (legit ones, none of which were conducted by me), your hands and feet are directly affected by the temperature of your little nosey. Allow me to explain!


Cozy Up

As there are fewer leaves clinging to branches and more of them swirling underfoot, our style agenda’s new mandate puts keeping out the cold at the top of the list. Happily, layers make for adorable street style, especially with the new Bickley and Mitchell pieces now in at Spareparts. Offering sumptuously knit infinity scarves and mittens, Bickley + Mitchell promises to add to both warmth and luxury to your autumn style. Spareparts photog Gary Colwell caught up with the lovely Kiera Nicole, who herself is usually behind the camera as the talent behind Kiera Nicole Photos, Hen & Chick Studios, and brand new venture RED Wedding Photography. They took a little jaunt down alleyways and suddenly, I’ve got this beautiful Bickley + Mitchell pictorial for you to enjoy beside my chat with Kiera about fall style. So sit back, get comfy, and get ready to embrace the north wind like it’s a fashion accessory.


Ignore the Oncoming Winter with an Hour Mixtape of Sunny Indie Beats!

Endless Summer MixTape Vol. II Now Streaming!

Well, it is about that time of year where we all except the fate of winter at our doorsteps. Except the reality is that for us Canucks, summer…is simply a state of mind! All you really need is a bit of sun on your face (albeit sometimes shared with a nippy wind), a cold beer at hand (also provides inner warmth and insulation) and some good uptempo, happy tunes with a beat that will put that spice of summer right back into your step.

how to style your beanie

10 Ways To Style Your Beanie

How to wear the cap of the season.

If you made a list of pros and cons for autumn, I feel like the fashion benefits alone would outweigh the shorter days and chilly weather.  Seriously: cozy knits, boots, and layers? Yes, please. And then, there’s the headwear. Beanies are a biggie from pretty much now until Spring and with so many ways to style them into your life, you’re never going to bore of keeping warm. So let’s peek some ways to wear your new beanie. In fact, let’s peek ten! Photographer: Gary Colwell of Spareparts Models: Chantel Shiels and Brad Kimball Beanies available at: your local Spareparts shop


A Different Kind of Wild Tour

Interview with Seattle's hip hop wonder, Grieves.

Grieves doesn’t want to be ‘famous hip-hop dude’. I guess the over 300,000 plus people who’ve watched his latest video on YouTube will do, then. Since his first independent release only 7 short years ago, his brand of almost hesitantly(but undoubtedly) positive, instrument-heavy hip-hop has gained a dedicated following. It keeps him on the road most of the year – he’s currently winding his way across Western Canada before continuing on and not stopping until November.


Six German Movies to Watch This Week

I’m learning to speak German, a gruelling task which just got a whole lot better: Netflix just officially launched in Germany, opening my eyes to just how wonderful this country’s cinematic history is. Here are a few of my favourite flicks so far that you need to find online: