Gin Fizz

gin fizz

The gin fizz is the drink of spring. The classic ‘Ramos Gin Fizz’ is made with gin, lemon, lime, simple syrup, cream, egg white, soda water and orange blossom water. It is both light and fizzy, and dry and sweet. The unique variations that we make at The Hollows are floral and pretty pastel. The touch of cream, and the egg white in the drink gives it a frothy richness that helps us eaze into spring as it slowly warms up and we move towards even lighter drinks. Some variations of this cocktail that I like for spring are the lavender gin fizz, and the cherry blossom gin fizz, both of which substitute different flavours instead of the simple syrup. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: HUGE Spareparts Jewellery Sale

Things you want at prices you'll find hard to believe.

spareparts sale

The Spareparts Jewellery Shop is enticing enough as is but I’ve got some news that might make you ditch the rest of this article, put on some pants, and blow every red light on your way to your local Spareparts. That news is that the ENTIRE collection of jewellery in store is, as of today, 40% off. Seriously y’all, there are some amazing finds and this is your opportunity for a big influx of new accessories to liven up your Spring wardrobe. In the unlikely event that you haven’t already started putting pants on for your trip to the mall and are still reading this post, please allow me to show you the sneak peek of what’s in store for you.

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New Spareparts in St. Vital Winnipeg!


We just finished up a hectic (but rewarding) weekend in Winnipeg readying our brand new Spareparts store for business. Josh Froese, our most excellent manager opened the doors to the new St. Vital location yesterday afternoon, and damn it looks good!

Big thanks to Cutler Design for working with Spareparts owner Danny Mysak and our design team and bringing to life a design that we love. It’s stylish, inviting, and clean – using some of our favourite materials and patterns.

We will be hosting a bit of an opening celebration this Saturday at the new location with our friends at Vitamin Water Canada, our man Pypes from the Pypes n’ Doves collective DJing, and a great prize draw. This means free Vitamin Water, free Spareparts koozies, great beats, and a Chance to win some serious merch in a draw. The fun will go down between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday.  Come down and hang with us!

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A Contest So Bright You’ve Gotta Wear Shades


Launched just last week, lensday is already proving to be a ton of fun. I love seeing everyone looking sharp in their Spareparts shades on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and of course, it’s awesome that the person with the most favourites/likes gets a shiny new $40 gift card from the shop. Well, today’s no exception and while we’re talking lenses, I’m going to feature a fave: the Kate Spade Gayla of which I love the chic and simple lines. So we’ll take a look at that and then we’ll talk about how you can win that $40 gift card. All in all, this will be a productive post for you.

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How To Decrease Your CO2 Emissions by One Tonne A Year With Very Little Effort


I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of sustainability since I wrote my post about how we should all be drinking wine from a box.  It got me into that mentality of “every little bit counts”.  I started to look at my life and see what I could possibly do to decrease my footprint.  I do the basic stuff (recycle etc.) but I realized quite quickly that I could make a huge difference by making some minor changes.  One of the biggest things I did as a person was to live sustainably after I moved cities.  I moved into an apartment tower a block away from work.  There is a grocery store, Starbucks and liquor store all in my lobby.  I gave up my car and walk everywhere.  That being said, there are so many more things I can be doing that wouldn’t inconvenience my life in the least to decrease my footprint.  Continue reading

The News From Dakine: An Exclusive Colab With Spareparts

Two handsome new colourways


Exclusive to Spareparts from Dakine comes two new Split Rollers sure to give you the best blues you’ve ever had: Midnight and Chambray. Sprung from a meeting between the always ahead-of-the-trend Spareparts buyers and the team at Dakine, these colourways feature new design detailing and can only be found at Spareparts. What I love about this collection is that it’s not over the top but rather the collaboration is simply great looking, perfectly functional, and offers pieces you’ll be proud to tote on your next holiday. Let’s take a closer look.

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‘Pegging My Style with Urban Barn

Vote for me and you could win a $250 gift card


Spring is a season of new beginnings and shedding one’s winter coat, literally and figuratively. For people who live in the blustery cold for ten months out of the year, it’s obvious that our home habitats would reflect that: cozy, nubby throws; flannel sheets; thick curtains to keep any cold out; colours that invite warmth and coziness. Just like I dust off my sundresses as soon as the temps hit double digits, the combination of more sunlight and less snow make me want to be surrounded with things that reflect the brightness and freshness of the season. Continue reading

The Two Best Ponytails For Summer (And How To Do Them At Home)

Featuring the experts of Capelli Salon

celebrity pony tail styles summer 2014 how to

Ponytails and summer weather go hand in hand; they keep you cool, make you look breezy, and are an ideal third-day hairstyle because lord knows the season is short enough without squandering precious hours on your hair. But for celebs and stylish girls like you and me, sometimes pulling your locks back and just wrapping a scrunchie around that mess doesn’t cut it. Well, expert stylists Alicia Soulier and Jade Good of Capelli Salon in Saskatoon are all about the perfect pony and they stopped by Global Morning News today to show off their two fave versions of this simple style for summer. (p.s. Props to Holly Decker Makeup Artistry for the makeup!) Today, I’ll share that clip with you as well as some celeb styles that inspired the segment and then I’ll even take you through the step-by-step, courtesy of Alicia and Jade. Get your tailcomb out, it’s pony tail time!

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Third Verse #103 & #104

Playlists for March 26th and April 2nd 2014


Playlist for March 26th 2014

Spring thaw, and shows are being announced as the ice breaks.  You know what that means.  Drinking brews on patios, pre gaming and mega rap shows.  You can catch me on 2nd avenue with a couple of frosty ones. Or possibly broadway.  Few new videos this week, as well as releases, so keep it locked after the jump!  Remember to tune in every Wednesday night at 9PM to catch Rewind and I with the best rap you can ask for. Continue reading