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Magic in the Moonlight

Movie Review: Magic in the Moonlight

At this point in the game, you know what you’re getting when you sit down to a Woody Allen film. Just as the opening credits are always in Windsor Light Condensed and classical jazz music comprises the soundtrack, the narrative preoccupations of a Woody Allen film are always the same. There’s usually a neurotic white man terrified of the meaningless of existence but who nevertheless espouses his nihilism at every turn and makes witty declarations about the boors surrounding him. There’s screwball repartee between the romantic leads, who are usually of vastly different ages, and an assortment of cultured friends who wax philosophical on classical music and the nature of art. If you’re aware of all these conventions going in, it’s hard to be too disappointed (or excited) by a new Allen film. They’re a familiar middlebrow meal, and if you enjoyed the recipe the last time around, there’s no reason this time will disappoint. Thus, Magic in the Moonlight is a good time, but in that familiar Woody Allen way that doesn’t say anything new about the world as he sees it.

spcmnnty Taylor Cochrane

Spareparts Community Member Profile: Taylor COCHRANE

The Spareparts Community is made up of people across Western Canada who are involved in their cities in positive ways. Like you (I hope), they wake up in the morning and strive to do something great, whether it’s honing their craft, leading people in their field, creating art, or by spreading the feeling of kindness with their smile. We’ll be profiling these #SPcmmnty folks here on The Rooster now and then so I hope you’ll follow along with us. Today, I’d like to introduce studio owner Taylor Cochrane, who’s also the front man and songwriter of the Calgary-based band, 36?. 


In Photos: SMASHKATOON 2014

What an event! Anyone who’s anyone was at Alberta Community Center on August 16th for SMASHKATOON, a Super Smash Brothers Tournament. Over 100 people from across the prairies packed the regularly-a-dance-studio space for some crazy 4 player mayhem. Local IT professional and solid bro Aaron Mravnik almost single-handedly arranged this event, so Kudos to him:

rock runner underwater

Water Photography

My name is Alan Verbeke,  alvee_ on Instagram.  My wife and I moved to the Okanagan in June 2013, which was an easy choice after living in Australia – the weather, the scenery and the vineyards, what’s not to love? And for someone who is constantly toting around a bag full of camera equipment, there are endless opportunities to take photos in this picturesque setting.

Carrie Catherine Spareparts Matt and Nat

The NEW Matt + Nat Special Edition Spareparts Collection feat. Collaborator Extraordinaire Carrie Catherine!

If there’s one thing that makes a community strong, it’s working together. That’s what we at Spareparts believe, and that’s why we’re so excited about our latest design colab with Canadian company Matt + Nat that features gorgeous matte gold hardware contrasted against earthy Cognac vegan leather. Available in the Sublime Wallet ($70), Minka purse ($120), and Jorja purse ($125), this is a colourway that’s both casual and chic. To celebrate the release of these Matt + Nat/ Spareparts Special Edition bags and to talk a little more about the spirit of teamwork, I met up with Saskatoon’s very own queen of collaboration: co-creator of The Two Twenty co-working and multi-function project, singer, playwright, and my friend, Carrie Catherine. I asked Carrie all about how collaborations affect her life and why we should all embrace alliances… and I hope after reading this little interview, you’ll feel like bustin’ out a brainstorming session with the folks around you.  Go, team(work)! Photos by Spareparts’ Garnet Lindsday.

white russian

Mixology 101 – The White Russian

In college, my friends and I were all obsessed with The Big Lebowski, which had recently been released, and thusly, spent a lot of time pounding ‘White Russians,’ or, ‘Caucasians’ as The Dude sometimes refers to them.  Fans of the movie know that The Dude spends a good deal of screen time in the movie enjoying them, leaving a boozy milk moustache on his face.  Truth be told, it’s a pretty sweet, thick drink, so you can only drink a few before you have to switch back to beer, but they are downright delicious.