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Ignore the Oncoming Winter with an Hour Mixtape of Sunny Indie Beats!

Endless Summer MixTape Vol. II Now Streaming!

Well, it is about that time of year where we all except the fate of winter at our doorsteps. Except the reality is that for us Canucks, summer…is simply a state of mind! All you really need is a bit of sun on your face (albeit sometimes shared with a nippy wind), a cold beer at hand (also provides inner warmth and insulation) and some good uptempo, happy tunes with a beat that will put that spice of summer right back into your step.

how to style your beanie

10 Ways To Style Your Beanie

How to wear the cap of the season.

If you made a list of pros and cons for autumn, I feel like the fashion benefits alone would outweigh the shorter days and chilly weather.  Seriously: cozy knits, boots, and layers? Yes, please. And then, there’s the headwear. Beanies are a biggie from pretty much now until Spring and with so many ways to style them into your life, you’re never going to bore of keeping warm. So let’s peek some ways to wear your new beanie. In fact, let’s peek ten! Photographer: Gary Colwell of Spareparts Models: Chantel Shiels and Brad Kimball Beanies available at: your local Spareparts shop


A Different Kind of Wild Tour

Interview with Seattle's hip hop wonder, Grieves.

Grieves doesn’t want to be ‘famous hip-hop dude’. I guess the over 300,000 plus people who’ve watched his latest video on YouTube will do, then. Since his first independent release only 7 short years ago, his brand of almost hesitantly(but undoubtedly) positive, instrument-heavy hip-hop has gained a dedicated following. It keeps him on the road most of the year – he’s currently winding his way across Western Canada before continuing on and not stopping until November.


Six German Movies to Watch This Week

I’m learning to speak German, a gruelling task which just got a whole lot better: Netflix just officially launched in Germany, opening my eyes to just how wonderful this country’s cinematic history is. Here are a few of my favourite flicks so far that you need to find online:


Sailing On The West Coast

Having recently moved to Vancouver, I have managed to sneak the last few weekends of summer before the rainy season kicks in. A few weeks ago I was even lucky enough to be invited on sailing trip to the gulf islands. The fact that you can sail off into the ocean for a weekend is still mind-blowing to me but it seems fairly normal to everyone else that lives here! (I think they have been spoiled from living here too long.)

The Drop

Movie Review: The Drop

Crime film starring Tom Hardy is a slow-burn thriller

Michaël R. Roskam’s The Drop is a quiet thriller that succeeds due to the strength of its cast and its setting. It’s not full of gunfights and car chases, even though the advertisements suggest it might be. Written by Dennis Lehane, the crime writer best known for Boston-set novels Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, The Drop is more concerned with the sad particulars of its characters’ existence than action sequences. In the pre-title montage, Tom Hardy’s Bob Saginowski explains via voiceover that certain bars in Brooklyn are used by the mob as cash-drops, and that one bar each night is the main drop where all the cash from the other bars eventually ends up. This means that although Bob insists he only tends bar, even a working schlub like him is connected to the mob in this world. It’s this kind of sad realism and Tom Hardy’s performance in particular that makes The Drop a worthwhile film.


Third Verse #127, #128, #129

Playlists for September 3rd, 10th and 17th

Back with another instalment, y’all! Few more shows coming up in the next month that you should probably jot down in your diary/dayplanner/back of your damn hand.  Also a few new gems to put the shine in your eye for. Remember to keep it locked on 90.5fm CFCR. Primarily at 9PM on wednesday nights for all the best rap you can handle, and generally all the damn time, cause community radio is the best! Speaking of which, never forget to donate to FMphasis! We’ve got some pretty sick prizes for your coveted bucks and a coffee mug you definitely need hanging under yer cabinets!